Jack, Jim, and Tom Conner, three brothers, all had children enrolled at Heritage Christian School (Indianapolis, IN) in the mid 1990's. Being Parents of children in the Christian School System they were fully aware of the financial sacrifices that teachers made in order to teach in a Christian School setting. Compensation for Christian School teachers is generally less than at public school institutions. This often led to some teachers experiencing financial difficulties. The then dormant Christian Foundation of IN was the perfect vehicle to resurrect and fill this growing need.

Christian School teachers make these financial sacrifices because of their strong desire to teach and proclaim the love of Christ and His plan of salvation to their students. The Conner brothers found that many parents shared the same thankfulness for Christian School teachers, and who also wanted to assist in their various financial needs. So they set up The Christian Foundation.org, a 501 (C) 3 Foundation where parents who shared this vision could give back to these teachers, and do so on a tax-deductible basis.

In recent years, the Christian Foundation has grown from pure parental involvement to include alumni, teachers, business and community leaders.

The Christian Foundation will continue to support Christian education by providing, in conjunction with parents, alumni and the community of these schools, financial and material gifts to Christian School teachers with acute financial needs. The Christian Foundation is interested in assisting other Christian Schools so that many other teachers may be benefited and high quality Christian education can be continued without teachers leaving their schools due to financial considerations. If you share our vision to promote Christian education in this manner, please contact us to begin implementation of this program at your school.

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