-Amazing…..my house is so warm now. The installer found a huge problem with the wiring that went to the furnace. One-half of the wiring was the wrong gauge and had burned/ arched in the furnace and could have caused a fire.  The Lord was watching over my family and we never had a fire. I have an electrician coming out this week to install the proper wiring. Once again I thank the Lord for the Christian Foundation for taking care of my family. The ministry is HUGE.  Our heavenly Father has some great crowns in heaven waiting for the Christian Foundation donors for the blessing that they have provided to so many families.

-I have been working at this school for a over 10 years and have always been able to make ends meet.  However, this past year has been incredibly difficult.  While God has always provided what we need, we reached a critical point a few months ago where I could not see any way to pay our bills.  Changes in my wife's job situation and a variety of unexpected expenses, including numerous medical bills, had dried up all of our resources.  When I turned to the Christian Foundation, I believed we would find help, but I was shocked to have my request granted so quickly.  This provided significant relief to my family's financial and emotional burden.

-To the donors who have contributed to the Christian Foundation, I want to express my deepest gratitude.  Thank you for your sacrificial  giving, and for being the vehicle through which God has once again provided our needs.  You have been a tremendous blessing to my family and, in the process, have helped me to continue my ministry here.  May the Lord richly bless you for your generosity!

-In late April, the Christian Foundation blessed my family with the extraordinary gift of a second vehicle.  With two young children and (at that time) our third on the way, having the extra vehicle has made life so much easier for our whole family.  My wife and I are so grateful for the support of the Foundation and its donors who recognize the challenge of raising a young family on only one income.  We consider ourselves blessed to have the ministry the Lord has given us and we could not do this without the support of the families that give through the foundation.

This testimonial is from a teacher who received dental services donated by a dental practice that provided services at their own expense.

-“As I reflect back on 2006 and what an amazing year it has been in so many ways, I cannot help but be overwhelmed with many emotions. Thankfulness, pride, excitement, joy, humility, amazement… all of these and more come to mind when I think of your generous gift. In 1970, I was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that few had heard of and even fewer knew how to treat. This disorder would mark my childhood with many hardships especially with dental problems, problems I carried into adulthood. As I look in the mirror now I am still in disbelief that I have perfect beautiful teeth! Something that seems so normal to everyone else, is something that I never thought possible. I can only say thank you, thank you! Thank you for your sacrifice of time to give to this foundation, thank you for your monetary sacrifice to make things like this happen and thank you for opening yourselves up to be part of this foundation for the glory of God! I can never express to you what this gift has done for me physically and emotionally, it has truly been life changing and I will be forever grateful to you all for your generous outpouring on my behalf.”


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