What are the fees associated with the Christian Foundation?
In order to provide this service he Christian Foundation does take a small administration fee of 5%.

Do you only assist Schools in Indiana?
The Christian Foundation would be happy to enroll a school outside of Indiana. There is nothing that would keep us from doing so. We have not had the opportunity present itself...Yet.

Is it difficult to enroll my school?
Enrollment is simple! Just e-mail Todd Hufford and he will get you all set up.

What is the History of the Christian Foundation?
In 1965 H. Clay Conner formed the Christian Foundation of Indiana as a means for like minded business men to support evangelistic mission work. In 2000 his sons Jack, Jim, and Tom Conner had the foundation legally modified so that it could perform its current work. The Christian Foundation continues to be managed by The Conner Family. In 2010 Representatives from Various participating schools were added to the board of directors.

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